Starting from the gathering of competencies and family tradition, AM GIST Healthy Food Inc. is born with the mission to connect borders, expand markets and improve B2B efficiency, through innovative ingredients and avant-garde foods.
The challenge regarding new trends and innovations and the technical-scientific challenge to keep up to date on nutrition, biodiversity, sports performance and longevity have led us to the beginning of everything. After months of planning and prospecting, traveling and international trade missions, the dream has come true.
Whether in the form of ingredients and products rigorously selected and certified, or even through knowledge, the company stands out by the personalized approach and the innovation of the products it presents. In addition, we encourage the small farmer who treats the food as a gemstone, taking its products to markets in different parts of the globe and helping in the development of the local economy. This is our commitment to those who value the homegrown product.
Our mission is to introduce healthy, tasty and nutritious foods into people's lives for better physical and mental performance.
RESPECT for life is what allows us to move forward with confidence and assertiveness, establishing long-term development business;
PEOPLE passionate about nutrition, flexible and able to learn always committed to delivering value;
HONESTY and integrity of the personal and professional character in relationships as a driving force of confidence and renewed success;
COMMITMENT to always do the best and deliver value to the customer with superior quality;
Continuous INNOVATION in processes and products to always offer real food, high nutrient density, taste and health.
Gislene Zuanazzi
Elissa Zuanazzi Bolla
Viktor Sobral






The bold mind behind the company, Gislene accumulates many years of managerial experience combined with the academic experience in nutrition and gerontology. Her energy is focused on tuning in a solution for each scenario and business partner. She is a gastronomy enthusiast and she loves connecting with the nature, her refuge to think of new opportunities.   The brain responsible for the financial health of the projects, Elissa has her academic background in the areas of business administration and finance and years of experience in corporate and project management. A competitive marathon runner, she is a powerful asset to accomplish our goals.   The company's support tool, Viktor holds a degree in engineering and and has many years of working experience in marketing management. He is a cycling aficionado and loves video games. His duty is to make sure all the company's procedures and business strategies are followed.